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April 23, 2018  6:30pm

4500 East-West Hwy Ste 100, Bethesda, MD 20814

"A Chic 8,000 Square Foot Palace of Modern Chinese Cusine in the Heart of Downtown Bethesda.

Peter Chang is an award winning chef specializing in Szechuan cuisine who has cooked for restaurants throughout cities in the American southeast and the DMV area. Chang was born in Hubei Province and trained in China, and cooked a meal for former Chinese president Hu Jintao. He moved to the United States to work as the chef at the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C. In the past, Chang has disappeared and left restaurants, inspiring a group of fans to follow his movement in Internet discussion boards, such as and Chowhound.

Q , which stands for Qijian, means "flagship" in Chinese. Chang intends for this location to be his home base, and the largest in his local restaurant empire."


tagliata - February 2018

hosted by Tagliata

Wines Notes


House Cured Meats, Burrata, Ricotta, Olives, Cauliflower, Mushrooms, Peppers

Tenuta Sant’Anna Prosecco

Straw-colored yellow of medium intensity. In the glass, it is characterized by a crown of dense and particulate foam that forms for a considerable amount of time with tiny bubbles. There are scents of acacia, peach, and pear flowers on the nose. It is easy and pleasant to taste, initially cool and soft on the palate, giving way to fruity traces. Perfect as an aperitif or during the entire meal, it pairs especially well with seafood and shellfish.

Harvested grapes are de-stemmed and crushed gently. The must obtained is transferred to steel vats where fermentation takes place at controlled temperatures. Then the process of transforming to sparkling wine begins: a selection of yeasts is put in the tanks which, over a period of 4 months will transform the wine into a refined sparkling wine.

•VARIETAL: 100% Glera

•ALTITUDE: 30–45 meters above sea level

•TYPE OF PLANTING: Traditional

•SOIL: Medium blend with clay-like tendency

•OENOLOGIST: Donato Lanati


Chestnut Garganelli

Chicken liver, cocks comb, duck heart, bone marrow, sweetbreads, porcini jus

Casalfarneto Crisio 2013

Pale straw yellow with green hues, with persistent hints of citrus, white flowers, white fruit and aromatic herbs.  Tre Bicchieri (3 Glasses) Gambero Rosso “A soberly refined blend offering whiffs of aniseed and lime-blossom, with a fine almondy note emerging clearly in the orderly, pointed finish.”

Casalfarneto winery is nestled between the hills and medieval villages of the Marche region in central Italy. It was established in 1995 by Danilo Solustri. The name of the estate comes from a particular variety of oak tree which is found in the area and in many cases borders the vineyards. In 2005, a new state of the art winery was built into the hillside next to the Fontevecchia vineyard in conjunction with the Togni family. Passion and respect for the environment remains as their trademark. They blend traditional and innovative methods and technologies in the production of high quality wines such as Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, Marche Rosso, and Lacrima di Morro d’ Alba.

Location of Vineyard

The estate is in the heart of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, in the Serra dè Conti sub zone on the crest of a hill overlooking both the valley below and the Adriatic Sea and facing west towards the Appennine mountains. The vineyards are at an altitude ranging from 300 and 340 meters (1300 feet) above sea level.  The vineyards, together with the three ancient farmhouses, cover over 90 acres of land, of which 60 acres produce Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi wines and another 20 acres produce red wines from a combination of Montepulciano, Sangiovese, Cabernet and Merlot grapes.

100% of the vineyards follow a sustainable organic philosophy.



Ora King Salmon

Grilled Hen of the Woods mushrooms, charred onions, Prosciutto broth

Lunae Auxo

Lunae Auxo is a Sangiovese-based blend which is typical of the Colli di Luni red wines, due to its proximity to Tuscany. Colli di Luni is in fact one of the few DOC appellations that straddles over two regions: the easternmost part Liguria (La Spezia) and neighboring coastal Tuscany (Massa Carrara). Everything about the Colli di Luni represents the transition between Liguria and Tuscany – the geography, the grape varieties, the wine styles.

The key red-wine grape here is Tuscany’s principal red-wine grape Sangiovese, which forms the base (at least 50%) of any Colli di Luni rosso. Several local varieties add their own unique twist to these blend, notably Canaiolo, Pollera Nera and Ciliegiolo. Sangiovese from this milder climate is usually fruitier than Sangiovese grown in Tuscany.

‘Auxo’ is a Greek word meaning ‘to grow, to develop’, a verb that moves nature and drives the wine-makers passion. Deep ruby red in color (given by the Canaiolo and Ciliegiolo grapes), with an intense bouquet typical of Marasca cherry and red berries. Light and balanced, with a fresh and pleasantly astringent finish. It pairs beautifully with rich pasta dishes and stewed or grilled meats and complex fish.



with Roasted Potatoes and Pork Jus

Antica Masseria Taurasi 2009

It has intense aromas of cherry, violet, and hints of spices, tobacco and chocolate on the nose. On the palate it is warm and persistent, fruity yet balanced. 
This is aged over 12 months in French casks and small barrels

Aglianico is a mutation of “Hellenico”, the Greek grape, brought by colonists to Southern Italy as early as the 6th century BC. It is Southern Italy’s most important grape, sometimes referred to as the ‘Barolo’ of the South. This is a single vineyard wine produced from 45-year-old vines. Vineyard is situated at 350 meters, facing south-west. Manual harvest takes place first two weeks of November.

The Antica Masseria winery was founded in Guagnano in 1989 with the idea of producing hand crafted wines in an area that had been taken over by large industrial operations. In 2005 Claudio Quarta, a businessman who respected this philosophy, purchased the property with the aim of continuing this approach.

Today, Claudio Quarta’s wineries, Antica Masseria del Sigillo and San Paolo are a single company and one big family. Claudio and his daughter, Alessandra and all the staff are involved in the ambitious project of reinterpreting southern Italy’s wine-growing excellence, by combining the utmost respect for tradition with progress and total commitment to environmental sustainability.


Chef Marucci will offer a Selection of Cheese

Grignano Vin Santo 2009

Grignano’s Vin Santo is a brilliant amber color. Distinctive bouquet of dried apricot and nuts with balsamic nuances. Delightful palate and full-bodied with a long finish.  Vin Santo wines are known to have been made since at least the Middle Ages and have become a traditional part of Tuscan life. Traditionally made from grapes left to dry so that the grapes’ natural sugars are more concentrated and then pressed to make amber-colored wines with aromas of apricots and orange blossom, with a nutty, raisin-rich palate.


Fattoria di Grignano




65% Malvasia del Chianti, 30% Trebbiano Toscano, 5% San Colombano


Pontassieve, Grignano




300 meters above sea level




Clay, limestone


Spurred cordon



alma cochina latina

"The Alma concept is about culture.  We strive to say something important to the world through our food.  We don't just feed the palate, we feed imagination & soul.  At Alma's heart is an open arepa bar, along with a superb menu inspired by Venezuelan culinary roots using contemporary techniques.  The beverage program at Alma is designed to transport everyone, from the rum enthusiast to the curious wanderer, to a warm sandy beach. Our bar is a treasure chest of unique and small craft spirits that represent the history of Caribbean and Latin countries. We also focus on artisanal made sangria, craft beer and wine, and an effort to give Baltimore the experience it deserves."

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American Academy of Chefs is the honor society of the American Culinary Federation.  These are annual dinners that typically occur at regional or national events.  This is a rare opportunity to attend a dinner outside of one of these functions.  We usually host these in Baltimore every 3-5 years.